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Dolores' Favorite Blighted Den Is Getting a Makeover and a Friend

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Who doesn't recognize this charmer in the Mission at the corner of Dolores and 15th? "The perp," as formerly nicknamed by Curbed SF, has been charged at various times in its troubled life with structural instability, a basement homeless shelter, a basement "iron business" (??), and more. The former parsonage (it means "church house") at 200 Dolores St. is now part of plans for some major detox courtesy of Kotas Pantaleoni Architects*, in which 1) the boarded up, 40-storyfoot building shall be renovated and end up with three condos, and 2) a new, 40-storyfoot building shall be constructed in the adjacent vacant lot. That building will be four stories and have 10 condos, with one parking space per unit. What is it they say about where you go after hitting rock bottom?

*UPDATE: According to Tony Pantaleoni of Kotas Pantaleoni, the design above (which is attributed to his firm in planning documents) is not theirs— nor has KP worked on the project in the last two years.

The owners had issues with their proposal, which involved an L-shaped building that would have required a full teardown of the existing house of blight. Pantaleoni's not sure if the project's now under new ownership, but he can say for certain he's "totally out of the loop." The plot thickens!
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