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Wife Swap's "Worst Husband" Stephen Fowler Selling House

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Stephen Fowler, venture capitalist and environmentalist, has put his Noe Valley home on the market. Fowler, who outed himself as the "worst husband in the world" when he appeared on ABC's "Wife Swap" this past February, verbally destroyed his temporary Missouri wife with such husbandly classics as, " 'Agenda,' that's a big word for you," and, "Look here, dumb redneck." Ouch. You get the idea. Even worse, he did it all in a British accent. Fowler and his wife have since retreated from the harsh glare of the infuriated American public's eye, and— perhaps for the better— decided to move the hell out of the accursed home that is surely to blame for all their troubles. For $2,925,000, 4218 25th St. comes with 6 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, 4,395 square feet, and a whole lot of bad energy.
· 4218 25th St [Redfin, via The Front Steps]