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Mid-Market Mystery: A Mid-Rise for an Empty Lot?

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Amid all this talk of a Mid-Market revitalization (and boy does this city like to talk that talk), we wonder if something's destined for this empty lot on Market, between 8th and 7th? Allow us to explain: Build Inc., spotlighted yesterday for their Central Mews project on Octavia Boulevard, certainly gets around town. They were part of a team that submitted a squiggly-lined proposal for the massive redevelopment of Seawall Lot 337, just south of AT&T Park. Build Inc.'s team eventually lost to a power team comprised of the Giants and Wilson Meany Sullivan, among others, but there is one nugget of gold to be found in the proposal they submitted. Buried in the pages of their PDF is another of their signature squiggly-lined renderings, this one of 1125 Market St, and what appears to be a 12- to 15-story mid-rise tower filling the charming orifice that currently resides at that address. But will it ever happen?
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