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San Francisco Would Like to Welcome Back Its Prodigal Streets

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Streetsblog is all over the public space zeitgeist, following up with one of two Berkeley teams that made the final cut at a UCLA infrastructure design competition. Those teams, if you'll recall, proposed interventions for a U.S./Mexico border wall (see-saw!) and untended, or "unaccepted," streets in San Francisco. The intervention proposed by Professor Nicholas de Monchaux, as we noted last time, would propagate miniature parks and public spaces among 1,600 sites across the city, each different based on surrounding factors such as demographics, microclimate, and topography. When presented with the proposal, the Department of Public Works director took a liking to it: "In the big scheme of things, any idea or process that would turn underutilized spaces into better space, I'm all for. I think that would be fantastic." And uh, maybe we can get see-saws in at least a couple of them.
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