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Octavia's Feral Parking Lot Shall Be Tamed With Mews

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The Central Freeway parcels may lie cursed and fallow, but that won't stop us from continuing our tour of the future homes of residences. Today's stop: Parcel P, or the lot bounded by Laguna and Octavia to the west and east, and Hickory and Oak to the north and south. We know you're curious about this one: part parking lot, part feral park, this lot's destined for residences just like all the others. Developer Build Inc. planned up to 239 residences in their proposal, which— you don't see this too often here— decided the best approach was to break the design up among various architects to avoid a "standardized solution." The unifying theme: a "central mews" that stretches between Laguna and Octavia, functioning as a "common green and a pedestrian spine." As long as the lot lies empty, however, an idea being tossed around is to turn the lot (along with the one north of it up to Fell) into a communal farm. Moo?
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Parcel P

Oak at Laguna, San Francisco, CA