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Whither Goes the Fast Train?: Transbay Gets Mad, Writes a Letter

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The friction and confusion continue among high-speed rail frenemies, with the Transbay Joint Powers Authority dashing off a firmly worded letter to the California High-Speed Rail Authority. The former's responsible for San Francisco's dazzling future home of the country's first high-speed trains, and the latter's responsible for the high-speed trains themselves— trouble is they've been waffling about where to put the terminus, one day saying it's going to the Caltrain Depot at 4th and King, another day rescinding the silliness, and another day changing their mind again. Meanwhile, $400 million in federal money is at stake, and it's time to stop playing games. Transbay lawyers wrote to high-speed authorities that voters filled in their bubbles for a terminus in the Transbay Transit Center, not anywhere else. Suspense builds as the High-Speed Rail Authority continues being squirrelly: will train, indeed, ever meet train center?
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