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From One Rincon Hill's 53rd Floor: Panoramics and Design

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This past weekend One Rincon Hill opened its doors and its 53rd floor to the public. Why, you ask? For one, each of the four apartments on that floor were pimped out and glossed over by the San Francisco Design Center and a notable interior designer to create a dream apartment for a specific demographic. But the real draw? The view! Sorry, designers! You did great work, though. The demographics were kooky: "It reflects the owner's personality just like his custom-tailored suits and Chuck Taylors." What is this? Hayes Valley? We shot a video. Unfortunately the rooms were a little difficult to shoot in, so mostly the video is of the views.

The show continues through Nov. 1, if you've got $20 to spare to see a cork-upholstered sofa.
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One Rincon Hill

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