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Millennium Grand Penthouses Sold: One to Valley Boy Tom Perkins

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After debuting earlier this year to some praise, it seems luxury high-rise Millennium Tower has sold its two Grand Penthouses. Says a note dropped graciously in the Curbed inbox: Grand Penthouse A, in the northwest corner of the 60th floor, is going to venture capitalist and Google financier Tom Perkins. The last known list price for the 3-bed, 3-bath, 4,750-square-foot space— which sold as a shell— was $11 million, though an across-the-board price chop at the Millennium earlier this year would have moved the needle down to a humbler $9.35 mil. The Front Steps suggests was told the buy was contingent on the sale of the Maltese Falcon, the largest sailing yacht in the world, though given the $100 million that went for, it seems Perkins could have taken home a couple more of those penthouses. The unit also comes with 2-car parking, perhaps a nice perk for the man who "used to own the world's most expensive sports car collection." We talked briefly to buyer's agent Katy Dinner, who said it was the biggest condo sale in San Francisco this year, and the second most expensive home sale. Why, it suddenly almost feels like 2007 again.
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