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The Rush Begins: Trinity Place Starts Residents' Tours

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The multiphase, 1,900-unit Trinity Place project began taking future residents on tours of Phase I this past weekend, on a seniority basis. According to a reader, Floor 8 was set up for tours, and people are making their unit choices now. If you'll recall, part of the deal in building the enormous project at Market and 8th was that developer Angelo Sangiacomo would allow current Trinity Plaza residents into Phase I at their existing rent-controlled rates— before completely demolishing the building to make way for Phase II. Thus the recent gold rush to get into Trinity Plaza, a not so cheap ticket ($1,975 for a 1-bed last we checked) into the brand-new Trinity Place. (Of Phase I's total 440 units, 360 will be rent-controlled.) Occupancy's set for Jan. 15 of next year.
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Trinity Place

1188 Mission St, San Francisco, CA