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Whoa: Hayes Green Lots Getting Juiced With Temporary Retail

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Perhaps fed up with the forever empty lots that sit where the Central Freeway used to stand, the Mayor's Office has dialed up architecture firm envelope Architecture+Design to put together temporary structures on Octavia fronting the Hayes Green. The mixed-use project, which encompasses retail, food, galleries, and gardens, is collectively called "proxy," and is kind of a long-term pop-up retail idea— two to three years goes the thinking. In the meantime, the urban fabric is restored "through a combination of frame, fabric, mesh, wall and volume," all eco-friendly and local and sustainable no doubt. Note also the same firm (which participated in Slow Food Nation not so long ago) has a mixed-use live/work project also on Octavia, though its readiness is also no doubt subject to the big bad economy, just as the Hayes Green lots are. So when does "The Sound of Music" screen?
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