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Rent Check: $275 Doyle Drive Credit in the Presidio

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Part of the Presidio's Riley Row, this 2-bed, 1-bath duplex is loaded up with so much "architectural charm" that it leads people "to believe they were built as officers' quarters, yet they were built in 1909 and 1931-32 as enlisted family housing." And now, the Presidio's renting it, and others, out with a limited time offer of $2,460 a month— a monthly reduction of $275. That's no couch change. The catch? Living with the Doyle Drive revamp, which starts pretty soon (fall 2009/early 2010) and continues in its various stages for the next four honkin' years. Calculator says: total savings of over 13 grand. So ... "noise, dust, road closures and detours, traffic": worth it?
· 126-A Riley Avenue, San Francisco, CA [Craigslist]
· Approved: $1 Billion Plan for Doyle Drive [Curbed SF]

Doyle Drive

, San Francisco, CA