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Mid-Market Buzz: Foreign Cinema Sibling On Its Way, Plus Ballot Measure

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Despite what seems to be a stalled plan to rebrand the Mid-Market area as a (non-adult-variety) arts and entertainment district, there's a new move to get some signs up on Market advertising such a district. Proposition D, on this year's Nov. 3 ballot, will amend the city's planning code to allow signs advertising the arts and entertainment-ness of Mid-Market— which the code currently forbids in general, for fear of "blight and clutter." In fact, says an SF Business Times story, it was when a '60s-era beautification law was passed that Mid-Market began to head downhill, with once nice theaters forced to take down signage (subsequent BART construction pushed the trend even further). Anyway, minus a formal Mid-Market plan, some things are still happening: the Mission's Foreign Cinema is opening a three-level restaurant in the Warfield building, and Blick's Art Supplies will be moving from its current Van Ness location to Mid-Market too.
· November ballot measure seen as pivotal to Mid-Market area's improvement [SFBT]