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Once Upon a Time: Jack Tar Hotel Showed Us How It Was Done

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It's time now to take a black and white trip back in time to the corner of Van Ness and Geary, home of the apparently very swanky Jack Tar Hotel. Yesterday's talk of the planned, but apparently stalled, Cathedral Hill Hospital led to some reminiscing about that spot, where the aging Cathedral Hill Hotel now stands. Says commenter postindustrial: "The old Jack Tar Hotel (now Cathedral Hill) was considered San Francisco's ultimate in modern swank when it opened in 1960. Many can still remember its revolving rooftop sign." And a guest historian takes it away:

The old Jack Tar Hotel was so totally cool when it was new. It was probably the first of the new 60s building in the city. It was all blue and white glass. The rotating sign was amazing - three sided. One side said Jack. One side say Tar. On the third side said Hotel. I think it was red and white and the neon colored letters changed from red to white at night.
It had a fabulous porte corchere and liveried doormen to open your car doors (think behived ladies in yellow chiffon cocktail dresses escorted by gentlemen in jackets, ties and hats smoking cigaretts, And it had parking!!!!! There were modern fountain areas inside with small mosaic tiles and an actual outdoor pool area on the west side between the two wings of the building. If I remember there was a great coffee shop with counter and booth service. It was way chic.

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