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Remember CityPlace? It's Still Coming to Market Street

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Speaking of Mid-Market transformations, don't forget CityPlace, the five-story mall headed for the bombed out site of St. Francis Theatre at 965 Market St (more pictures here). The project's website, by now getting pretty crusty, still says, "If City approvals are secured in a timely fashion, construction on the project can begin in fall 2009 and will be completed in fall 2011." Well, that didn't quite happen, did it? Anyhow, fall 2009 is nigh, and a representative for developer Urban Realty informs us that the draft environmental impact report is still on its way, perhaps to be submitted by this fall. Everything else on their end is in tip-top shape, which means Urban Realty, who owns several other properties on Market, is still a go on CityPlace. Oh, how the suspense kills.
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965 Market Street, san francisco, ca 94104