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Burning Man Wants In On All That Urban Thinkage

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If there's been a flowering of urbanism in American cities in the last couple years, consider perhaps that a wild, once-a-year desert event large enough to be considered a city might want in on all the action. Yes, we're talking about Burning Man. Sure, that dovetails nicely with next year's theme, "Metropolis: The Life of Cities," but the formerly Baker Beach-based event wants a little more. That means a new headquarters downtown (they've recently vacated their Mission Bay HQ because of UCSF development plans): one prospective Tenderloin spot fell through, but they've also looked at renting in the Chron's building in SoMa. The new spot would act as an always-on showcase of Burning Man— perhaps for timid folk who trudge not into the desert. For Black Rock City itself, the event chief says: "People have come to respect its urban character, so we're ready for a discussion like this." They've already banned car-driving (except for the "mutant" variety) just like certain cities are doing on some streets. And urban planners and architects will be invited next year to, you know, blaze some new trails.
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