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Divisadero Streetscaping Starts Its Engines

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"Divisadero is a real comeback kid story. It's become a cultural institution," a local supervisor told NBC Bay Area at the Sept. 3 Divisadero Art Walk. It's true — the Diviz of today is vastly more clean, fun, and destinationy than the Diviz of a decade ago. But with old-fashioned intersections, lighting, and sidewalks designed for a neighborhood that you speed past instead of stroll through, the neighborhood's rapidly outgrowing its britches. The solution? New britches. As noted last week, Divisadero finally started its long-in-the-works streetscape improvements yesterday. When it's done, the neighborhood can look forward to wider medians, new trees and benches, etc. etc.— public opinion, however, seems not quite ready to swing in its favor, with SF Citizen catching some local mockery of "Charlie Brown-looking trees." Oh Charlie Brown, will you never learn? We trust the bigger flora's coming later.
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