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Civic Center's Green Vision Sure Has Lots of People

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Last year, Gavin drew a lofty picture of the Civic Center's future: eco-frendly, reduced water usage, all that stuff. Above is a little more of what that might actually look like. The images come out of what architecture firm KMD calls "not a proposal, but a vision of what's possible." And actually, their vision came out of the very real job of designing the new headquarters for SFPUC at 525 Golden Gate Ave. So, what to do with the whole of the Civic Center? Turns out something a bit like what they were originally planning to do to SFPUC: deck it out with wind turbines and solar panels. But their idea "framework" also includes two pavilions, one a multipurpose performance and cafe space, the other functioning as an entrance to the conference center already underground. Whether the plan will ever come to fruition or succeed in "concentrating social activity" shall remain to be seen.
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