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PriceChopper: Big and Beautiful Takes Another Hit on Russian Hill

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Was: $4,998,000
Then: $4,598,000
Now: $3,998,000
One of the big and the beautiful of Russian Hill can't seem to get a break. 1112 Lombard has just taken a significant price chop (again), and now is one million clams less than what her owners originally wanted. The property is a 5-bed, 5-bath 3,676 square foot home and it has all the fancy shmancy bells and whistles you'd expect from it, noted here in our original post. Records indicate that back on Dec. 31 of last year, she sold for a measly $3,060,000. Shoot forward less than a year later, and she was back on the market with an asking price of $4,998,000. Although the listing doesn't state it, we suspect that the dramatic price increase was because the current owner sunk a pile of cash into remodeling things like the kitchen and bathrooms. Perhaps also laying down a fresh coat of varnish on the floor, painting a wall or two, updating a sprinkler system here and there, etc. Unfortunately that must not translate into real estate dollar signs, because this puppy has been on the market for 83 days without a single bite. Tell us, dear readers, what'll it take for this gorgeous lady to sell?
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