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What $296,925 Buys You... If You're Over 55

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If you've lived to be over 55 years of age, perhaps you feel your struggles have earned you the right to a small condominium for a modest price. If so, you've come to the right place! For $296,925, the senior citizens among us can use their magic keys (ID cards) to unlock the door to a 555-square-foot, brand new living space in Lower Nob Hill, at 81 Frank Norris St. (It's OK if you don't feel at 55 you're quite a senior yet. You count.) And right on Polk Street too— so lively, so cool. Then there's another unit that's just received an amazing price chop from $472,000 to $369,600. Not old enough yet? And you thought you'd never need another fake ID.
· 81 Frank Norris St #601 [Redfin]
· 81 Frank Norris St #503 [Redfin]