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Goody Two-Shoes Will Build 13 Units in South Beach

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Developers of a mixed-use residential project at 750 2nd St. got several pats on the back yesterday in addition to a project green light. The 13 14-unit building was much beloved by the Planning Commission, who thanked the developers for "skillfully using a small site," and for not gravitating "toward looking more like office buildings," as is so much the trend these days ("This is a residential building, all you have to do is look at it"). They got another 500 brownie points for not requesting a special height increase for their HVAC systems, and rather — amazingly — getting the job done within zoning requirements. Impressed all around! There's also ground-floor commercial space and 16 14 stacked parking spaces. The developers are responsible for many of the buildings in the area around Second and King, including the one in which Current TV lives, and the architecture firm is Gould Evans Baum Thomley.