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PriceChopped to $2.1 Million, Raffle House Returns!

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The Inner Sunset house ("dream house," sorry) that was raffled off earlier this year to benefit the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts is now on the market. No surprise here— it was take 1240 5th Ave., valued at $2.4 million, and then suffer the tax consequences, or take the $1.8 million cash alternative and walk as fast and as casually to the bank as possible. The winner took the cash and walked, leaving the YBCA with $1.3 million raised, and the imitation Edwardian back in the hands of its owner— who has listed the 4-bed, 4,300 square-foot house again after a price chop to $2.1 million. As the listing blares: "It's the LOTTO house!" And it could be all yours.
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