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That's Rather Lovely: 4-Bed, Plus Carriage House in the Mish

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Ah, two homes in one! The 2-story, 4-bed single-family house at 428 Capp St. in the Mission also has a separate "carriage house" for, perhaps, your horseless carriage. You have one of those, don't you? You know, everyone rides the omnibus these days. Here's the thing: the carriage house doesn't just have to shelter your automobile or pottery wheel. The site has already received a variance to use the second space as a living unit. It's clearly a fixer-upper, but that's OK, 'cause you'll be living in the real house. Every family needs a place to keep a delinquent brother-in-law, right? Anyway, there's also a pretty spacious attic in the house— another good place for less-liked family members. Asking: $1,295,000.
· 428 Capp St [Website, via Curbed Inbox]