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Market Street Says Bye to Some Cars, For a Few Weeks

Eastbound cars on Market: prepare to instead be southbound cars on 10th, Eighth, or Sixth. The much-discussed, hypothetical ban on auto traffic on San Francisco's favorite diagonal is actually going to happen, sort of, and on a six-week trial basis beginning Sept. 29. Westbound traffic will remain totally cool, as apparently it's all cars headed toward the Embarcadero that cause traffic problems. Buses, taxis, and UPS drivers are all cool as well, making it not so much a ban as an awkward disinvite from a party that all your other friends are still invited to. Mayor and friends are optimistic about the experiment; along with outdoor patios, trees, food kiosks (!) and more miniplazas that are so much the look this autumn, the city has fingers tightly crossed for a brand new Market Street.
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