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NoPa's Harding Theater Condos Return With a Vengeance

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After getting thoroughly owned by preservationists and then putting the Harding Theater on the market for $4 million, it seems the owner is giving another go of turning the 75-year-old building into condos. A new plan gives a little more love to the history and all that historic-ness by restoring the theater's facade— putting back a marquee and sign that once adorned the front. But it may be all for naught anyway, as there are still plans to turn the fly space in back into five condos— which means an environmental report will be required since that fly space may (or may not!) be historic. (Elderly vaudeville fan says not.) In any case, Plan B is still in effect, so if anyone wants a dilapidated old theater and has $4 million between their couch cushions...
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Harding Theater

616 Divisadero, San Francisco, CA 94117