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Berkeley's Downtown Plan Put to the People

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Close as Berkeley is to rethinking— nay, redoing— their downtown, dissenters on the city council have now gathered enough signatures to put the whole thing to a citywide vote. The four-years-in-the-making plan to raise heights and bring more housing and jobs to the center of the city (in some quarters called "Manhattanization") passed in July by a vote of 7 to 2. But wouldn't you know it, those pesky two went off, clipboards in hand, to undo it all. Reason? Not enough affordable housing, and fears that developers would renege on promises to be green and community-friendly. If voters nix the new downtown plan, Berkeley can say goodbye to taller buildings, but if they pass it, the plan will go into effect immediately. And by immediately, think "when that time comes that new buildings shall again be built."
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