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PriceChopper: Baby Chop for Nob Hill Pied-a-Terre

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Ten grand is a pretty modest price chop for a property that went on the market almost two months ago at $810,000— considering also that the 1-bedroom, 1-bath pied-a-terre in Nob Hill last sold two years ago for the slightly more modest sum of $740,000. But it's Nob Hill, and a price chop to $800,000 is nonetheless a price chop. The unit, at the Montaire at 1340 Clay St, is a nice $1,030 square feet, multiplied no doubt by the mirror wall, which makes that dining table look better suited for, say, an apartment with a couple more bedrooms. Oldest trick in the book!
· 1340 Clay St #302 [Redfin]