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On the Market: Prime Time Nob Hill Humble Abode

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Prepare to put your panties in a bunch, dear readers, because a unit at 1001 California, the famed Beaux-Arts high-end (for lack of a more opulent description) residential building, has just hit the market with a jaw-dropping asking price of $7,250,000. The condo takes up the entire 3rd floor and clocks in at a staggering 3,640 square feet. It's a 2-bed, 2.5-bath mega residence with all the hooplala you'd expect from a property of this stature. As we down this Hendricks martini (with listings like these who can stay sober?) we'll give you a little history lesson on the unit.

Back in the 90's it went through a very heavy remodel where architect Andrew Skurman worked closely with interior designer Suzanne Tucker to basically remove all the interior qualities and start over. Basically they gutted it (and might we just add that the original floor plan was poopoo ugly). And if you do so desire a wonderful PDF document is available with all of the details (before and after process stuff) from when the residence was featured in Architectural Digest, the magazine for old rich white people. The interiors have french doors throughout, plaster walls, fancy floors, an insane amount of cove lighting, built-in everything, a formal dining room with lacquered walls, the scariest and most bizarrely designed half bath we've ever seen, and a kitchen with a damned pot rack. This is San Francisco, people. Get with the times and realize that in the event of an earthquake, it's best not to have swinging copper pots overhead, mmmkay? What else can we tell you... the master bathroom is nothing short of spectacular and worthy of the awards it's received, including Bathroom of the Year, if our boozey brain remembers correctly. Oh, the monthly HOA fee is $5,886. Chump change, right? This here blogger has actually been inside 1001 California one or two times, and although the price tag of this condo is well out of almost everyone's reach, we still think it'll sell very, very quickly. It's one of the most beautiful residential buildings in all of San Francisco.
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