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Transit Plan is Expensive, Visionary, and Beyond our Comprehension

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The next twenty-five years of Bay Area transit upgrades have just been posted in detail -- oh God, so much detail -- on the website of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. Did we mention there's a lot of detail? At first, we were excited and wanted to write a nice little post about all the interesting transit changes in the works, but we browsed the report and couldn't understand any of it. The damn thing runs about 142 pages long and it loaded with charts, acronyms, investment plans, buzz words -- oh God, the buzz words! We dare you to make heads or tails of this wretched bureaucratic thing.

The MTC is calling for over $200 billion (billion!) in spending, but so far not a single news organization has picked up the newly publicized report. Both a TV station and a newspaper simply pasted the MTC's press release word-for-word (enjoy your early retirement, "real" journalists!); but if you're looking for reaction and analysis, you're out of luck. The best we could find were a few brief mentions in some articles from a few months ago, when the plan was voted on but not yet available to the public.

The MTC has set up a search engine to get details about projects; but it, too, is 100% confusing. Ack. So, we're sorry, but we can't bring you any good news about the next 25 years of transportation projects because the news is too baffling to comprehend, and possibly does not even exist. If you know of anyone who can make sense of this mess, please, we beg you, point us in their direction before our heads explode.

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