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District 5 Cleanup Takes the "Sad" out of "Divisadero"

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Begone, garbage! The District 5 Community Clean Team is conducting its Summer Sidewalk Sweep on Saturday. Neighborhood volunteers will be teaming up to remove graffiti, litter, and weeds, and in general beautify the area. And if you have any bulky items to dispose of, there'll be a gigantic dumpster positioned in, fittingly, the DMV parking lot. If you want to lend a helping hand, just RSVP to the Facebook event.

We hope that "remove graffiti" doesn't include painting over any of the the recently-proliferating DIY bike lanes. Despite being technicallyillegal -- and maybe kind of dangerous? -- it is exasperating that there is not a bike lane on every single street in the city, so it's nice to see someone taking some initiative.

· How to Make Your Own Bike Lane [YouTube]
· Join the Clean Team for the Summer Sidewalk Sweep on Saturday, August 8th, from 9 am to 12 noon. [SF Gov]
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