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Bay Area Post Offices Set to Close

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Post offices! Did you know those still exist? It's true! And more than two dozen in the Bay Area are about to be closed down, probably because they don't even have free wifi or something! The Postal People (is that a band name yet?) released a list of about 700 major post offices in cities across America that they're fixin' to shut down, or at least remain open but offer limited services. The three SF post offices that are being eyed for closure or whatever: Bernal Heights, the Federal Building and McLaren. Folks at the Bernal Heights office are pissed: "It's a terrible idea," said Spain Rodriguez, a 69-year old Old Person. "This is a very convenient post office - perfect for the neighborhood - the location is just right." According to the Postal Service, the amount of mail handled fell by 9.5 billion pieces to a total of 203 billion pieces last year, and is expected to drop by 28 more pieces this year. "It would be tragic," said Rodriguez. "I use it all the time. This is my post office." Carrier pigeons! They are the future. [SF Gate]