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PriceChopper: Fire Starter in Pacific Heights

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Was: $2,435,000
Now: $2,299,000
You Save: $136,000
We'll be discussing 2217 California in today's edition of Extreme PriceChopping. Her square feet isn't listed, but she is a 4-bed, 3-bath Victorian, so we're guessing somewhere in the 2,800+ square foot range. But before we get to more of her deets, we need to address the abundance of fireplaces inside the property. The listing states "4+," but we count 5 in the photos, including one in the damned foyer. Can you imagine, kiddies? Hanging your hat and charging your iPod in a foyer with a damned fireplace? A fireplace that's about 20 feet from another one in the formal living room? Wowza. And don't even get us started about the one in the kids room. Good Heavens, people, turn that into a guest bed! Think about the children! Now then, since this pretty and painted lady is in Victorian Central (Pacific Heights), you better believe she's got all the fanciful details you'd expect from a property with that price tag. Details like pocket doors, stained-glass bay windows, dramatic high ceilings, etc, etc, etc. Thankfully the lucky buyer won't have to sink another half a million clams into the property, as the kitchen is fine and OhMyGawd can we please discuss the smashingly beautiful period master bath? We'd spend a minimum of 2 hours a night soaking our tired blogger fingers and toes in that bathtub, and that's a fact. Anyway, this property is extremely beautiful and a great example of San Francisco's prized Victorians, but unfortunately she's still way overpriced and we hate to say it but we predict another chop.
· 2217 California [Redfin]