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North Beach Triangular Library Doomed By Bad Feng Shui

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It's been nearly a year since an opponent of the North Beach library project said the proposal was all wrong because: "Libraries are square or rectangular buildings. In addition to being three-sided, none of the Triangle’s sides are equal, making for a curiously-shaped building replete with odd angles, the antithesis of a structure whose primary purpose is to house bookcases." A memorable argument indeed, and we've seen renderings now that can attest to the very three-sided nature of the library destined for the embattled North Beach Triangle. So it is with delight that we see the intervening months have added much nuance and flavor to the argument in a new BeyondChron piece: "Perhaps the ultimate irony is that neither city librarian Luis Herrera nor his predecessor wanted a library on the Triangle. Wrong shape, tiny lot and even murmurs of bad feng shui." And bad feng shui is only the beginning of a building's troubles, as we all know.
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North Beach Library

701 Lombard Street, San Francisco, CA