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Progress on Geary BRT Almost as Agonizingly Slow as the 38

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The Richmond SF Blog has a good recap of last week's community meeting about Bus Rapid Transit, a scheme that'll speed up the 38 (and, hopefully, vehicular traffic) by putting buses and cars into separate lanes. The Geary BRT project is being spearheaded by the SFCTA (Muni's vastly-more-responsible cousin), and it's progressing at about an average pace for a San Francisco project. Which is to say, slowly; urged by experts, but delayed by a few unreasonable opponents and, for some dumb reason, an Examiner.

Among the data presented by SFCTA staff: passengers on the 38 are in motion for less than half of their commute. Less than half! That certainly sounds correct to us: despite living just a 10-minute walk away, we generally avoid Geary due to the slow slow slow buses.

SFCTA staff must be so sick of hearing people say "why can't we just build light rail?" It's the irritating elephant in the room, since we all know that light rail would be better, faster, nicer, etc. And yet here we are still talking about stop-gap solutions for buses. Oh well. On the bright side, the BRT lanes will be light-rail ready, so if there's ever enough political will and money to switch from buses to trains, it won't be an entirely impossible transition.

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