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Extreme PriceChopping: Miller-Joost Home Edition

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Was: $2,450,000
Then: $2,350,000
Then: $2,290,000
Then: $1,999,000
Now: $1,898,000
You Save: $552,000
You know things are bad when a pink Victorian and registered San Francisco landmark (with a very rich history, might we add) is taking $552,000 in chops, bringing it down to $1,898,000. The Miller-Joost home is the oldest house on Twin Peaks. It was built in the late 1860s (so says the real estate agent) by Adam Miller, who then turned around and gave it to his daughter, Anna, and her husband, Behrend Joost, a business man who was known as the "Grand Old Man of Twin Peaks." The house is 3-bed, 3-bath, 2,920 square foot perfect example of Victorian goodness, like soaring high ceilings, moulding galore, and shitty kitchen. It also has a huge backyard with a studio cottage, wash house, potting shed, and extra vacant lot. If you've ever passed it on Market Street, you know how isolated it is from the surround properties, perfect for frolicking! This listing and its chops make us sad.
· 3224 Market [Redfin]
· 3224 Market [Patricia Lawton]
· Walk-Through: 3224 Market St., San Francisco [SF Gate]