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Curbed Reader Comment Roundup: Bayview Library's Not Bad

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1) Snazzy Bayview Library Might Ditch Crusty But Beloved Wall: "This design is surprisingly decent. Better looking in my opinion than the branch libraries going up in much fancier SF neighborhoods.
Its just sad they have to get an architect all the way from Portland for a decent design to result..."

2) On the Market: Two Contemporary Twins in Bernal Heights: "This pricing is hallucinatory. Nearly a million for a tiny place like this would be overboard even in the good, north side of Bernal. But this location is right by the freeway, Bayshore, AND the projects -- and nowhere near any of the shopping on Cortland (or the public transportation on Mission). These should go for around $500k. Ridiculous."

3) Mission Bay: A Real Neighborhood At Last!: "It seems like there could have been a better distinction made between the area north of Mission Creek, which really is feeling more like a neighborhood with more businesses and probably has more freaking dogs per capita than anywhere else in the world, and the area south of the creek, which.... well, just look at the picture above.
In Mission Bay North the parks are really nice, as is the promenade on the water. Some of the buildings are ugly, but uh...... this is SAN FRANCISCO we're talking about right?"

4) High-Speed Rail Ruling Confuses, But It's Some Sort of Setback: "There is a direct correlation of countries with successfull single-payer health plans and countries with successfull high speed rail systems. This country to too selfish to have either."

5) Rendering Reveal: Saitowitz White Box in SoMa Will Blind You: "SF has quite a few better representations of 'a larger architectural world'. Not enough, but I'd hope that as fans of modern architecture we won't just accept any old thing thrown our way. Saitowitz has plenty of successful and unsuccessful projects in the city. It's important to notice the difference."