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High-Speed Rail Ruling Confuses, But It's Some Sort of Setback

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In the Menlo Park/Atherton case against high-speed rail, a judge has ruled that the environmental prep work for the fast train was "inadequate" because it failed to address the fact that Union Pacific doesn't want to share their Gilroy-San Jose right of way. Translation? A possible, significant delay in the project, adding "billions more to its price tag," while missing the window for stimulus cash. Cue cheering from Menlo Park and Atherton! This means, they say, the High Speed Rail Authority will now have to seriously consider going along the Altamont Pass, rather than through the more southerly Pacheco Pass. But confusion reigns here: attorneys for the high-speed rail people are claiming victory too, saying the ruling also says the Altamont route, across the Dumbarton bridge or along highway medians, would be way too pricey. Seems the verdict is still out, though the train people will have a little more midnight oil to burn, won't they?
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