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Rendering vs. Reality: J-Town's New People

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New People, once known as the J-Pop Center, has hit Japantown, and the reviews are coming out now. Says an LA Times travel blog: "The trendy, jaw-dropping fashion of Tokyo’s Harajuku district finally nosed into the formerly sort-of-dull J-town." Oh? The theme continues on Yelp: "There is also a special Harajuki section complete with a Harajuku girl!" OK, so we like Harajuku girls. Then there's a citizens' critique of the building on "pleasant, although not architecturally great ... Together with its neighbor, the renovated Hotel Tomo, it begins to lift the spirit of what was once a vibrant ethnic enclave." Verdict: once sort of boring J-town is way sexy Harajuku style now. But what we're really interested in: how does the finished building compare to those glowing renderings of a few months back?
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