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Mission Bay: A Real Neighborhood At Last!

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Mission Bay, San Francisco's most recent exercise in neighborhood-building, gets chalked up as a success today in the Chron, as one reporter documents the influx of young families and empty-nesters to an area that was considered a ghost town just a couple years ago. Wait! Humor us as we continue. Read: "Mission Bay feels as if it escaped the economic downturn - stores are opening, buildings are going up, and young professionals are zipping out of $700,000 condos to get to work. Most live in a six-block area north of Mission Bay Creek. These pioneers say it's now starting to feel like a place worth staying in on the weekends." Well, buildings were going up. But the promise is likely real— just add Mission Rock, a new police HQ, and let our Little South Bay simmer for 15 to 20 years.
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