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Hines Dispatches Spy to Preservation Meeting, Then Humbly Returns Documents

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Hines, the would-be developer of 110 The Embarcadero, is being accused of spying on preservationists, according to Chron blog City Insider. What moxie! Subject of a riveting political thriller coming soon to theaters near us, we hope. If you'll recall, the planned LEED Platinum building on the waterfront, known affectionately to us as the Hanging Gardens, but even more affectionately to historians and preservationists as 113 Steuart St., an old union hall, has been stalled for months over the historical role the address played in the 1934 General Strike. Fast forward to Aug. 4, when a Hines employee gets into a committee meeting discussing the goal of getting the building landmarked. Said employee takes notes and makes off with top-secret documents! Well, maybe not top secret. The 113 Steuart St. Landmark Committee is pissed anyway, and Hines has agreed to return the papers. No harm, no foul, right?

UPDATE: SFBG has an older, more detailed story on all the "industrial espionage."
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