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Snazzy Bayview Library Might Ditch Crusty But Beloved Wall

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Plans for a brand new branch library in the Bayview are trundling slowly forward, but a once-cherished wall built by Bayview kids might get the big bulldoze smash in the process, notes the Chron today. The wall was put together in the '60s with bricks inscribed with names and other heart-tugging scrawlings from neighborhood kids both black and white, and "marked the Bayview's climb out of the social chaos and violence that consumed the neighborhood." Plans for the $5 million new branch, designed by Thomas Hacker Architects of Portland, Ore., don't so much include the art piece— but all's not lost yet! The SF Arts Commission is still mulling whether to move the wall, keep it in place, or dispatch Kool-Aid Man through it. In the meantime, enjoy some morning renderings, circa December 2008, of the new building in question.
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