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FiDi's Condo Cylinder Makes an Ultra-Sustainable Island, So There

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The propaganda machine website for the Twisty Cylinder condos at 555 Washington St has been up for a good few weeks now, and the developers certainly haven't skimped on the marketing copy details. A taste: "The new tower fits comfortably into the skyline and helps to transition between the City’s tallest building (the Pyramid) and its neighbors to the east. With a rectangular base that gently twists into a circle at the top, the building’s sweeping curve complements the angular Pyramid and plays an appropriate supporting role to its iconic neighbor." Better yet, the completion of 555 Washington, along with the retrofit of the neighboring Transamerica Pyramid to environmentally friendly standards, will turn the whole block into a "first-of-its-kind ... Green Island" of sustainability. An offensive jab at earth-hating NIMBYs! Be still, our cynical hearts.
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