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On the Market: Two Contemporary Twins in Bernal Heights

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Above is a single-family, 1,300 square footer in Bernal Heights, half of a pair at the end of a "very steep cul-de-sac"— this one being 350 Bradford and the other being 340 Bradford. They're both 3-bedroom and 2.5 bath, and LEED Platinum (!), and go for almost the same price, $968,000 (and $959,000, if you must know). The difference, and the difference is key: one's a dark mossy green, the other a squirrelly gray. So really, you haven't felt this torn between two essentially identical products since the iMac came in Blue Dalmatian and Flower Power.
· 350 Bradford St [Redfin]
· 340 Bradford St [Redfin]