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Found! San Francisco's Best-Designed Construction Sites

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Yesterday, we reported that Michael Tauber was looking for well-designed construction sites to tour with his CCA class. Specifically, he's looking for "rigorous use of materials and a well thought out visual theme." And you came through! Well, two of you did, anyway.

Suggestion #1 came from Laura at Plant Construction, who recommended "the Bulgari job site at the corner of Geary & Stockton or Public Health Service Hospital adaptive reuse in the Presidio." We saw a photo of the Bulgari site on some blog recently, but we can't remember which -- can you? And of course the hospital has long been a hit with trespassers.

Suggestion #2 came from Phil, who recommended the Bridge housing for seniors that's going up at Geary and Arguello. One hundred and fifty apartments for old people! That's a lot! And check out the rendering -- are those bars on the windows?
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