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Finally, someone's come up with the gay answer to It is about time! Such a website is necessary because ... gee, uh ... well ... maybe it is not so necessary. And yet there it is! You can rate and review local amenities, just like on Yelp; but unlike Yelp, all of the users are homos. Well, maybe it's not unlike Yelp after all.

Sadly, there does not appear to be a whole heck of a lot of activity in San Francisco right now. We wrote a review of Benders, and that one review was enough to kick us up onto the "local scenesters" list. Come on, gays! Start rating stuff! When we are regarded as "scenesters" there is something tragically wrong with the universe.

A few months ago, the site claimed 50,000 members, and they've taken an active role in mobilizing their membership for awareness campaigns so the tumbleweeds are a little unexpected. Only a handful of businesses are even listed, and they're almost all in the Castro -- so there's nothing really new to see. If only this site guided us to the undiscovered gay bars in the outer Richmond, now that would be something to see.

So -- is this a misguided direction for a social networking site to take? Is there room for a new player in the online business-rating game? Has everyone simply stopped using the internet and we're the last to find out?

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