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Trauma Shoot May Confuse Some Actual Trama Victims

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Looks like they're shooting some scenes for Trauma somewhere in the vicinity of Golden Gate Park today -- we snapped this picture near Fulton and Stanyan. Showbiz! Unfortunately, there are also some actual hospitals nearby, so hopefully this sign won't misdirect anyone looking for a actual trauma care. That's Saint Mary's in the background of the photo -- the source of the mini-neighborhood's nickname among its residents, "Saint Mary's Heights." UCSF's just down the hill, and there's multiple trauma centers in the other direction up around Pacific Heights. Basically, if you're the victim of trauma, you should head in any direction except the one on the sign. Careful out there everyone! The pilot airs next month, BTW.

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UCSF Hospital

505 Parnassus Avenue, San Francisco, California