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San Francisco has Nothing to SCVNG

Hey, look, a tech startup that's not based in the valley! Boston-based SCVNGR makes scavenger hunts, which isn't itself so technological, but they're harnessing the infinite power of magical telephones to do, uh, something internetty? We think you use your phone to get clues.

Anyway, VC funders seem to get whatever it is, because they just nabbed a couple hundred thousand from Highland Capital Partners. And they're not the only one ponying up! Some county somewhere spent $12,000 on a scavenger hunt tourist trap, and Forbes did one, and Monterey did one. So! Sounds like fun! How do we get started? Well, sadly, it looks like there aren't any hunts in San Francisco. But you can sign up to create your own hunts! Now get to work.

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