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GuessChopping: Noe Valley Modern Mega House

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On a daily basis we see a minimum of three note-worthy residential properties for sale that can't seem to get a break, so their price gets chopped. Sometimes it's the third or fourth chop, which paints a very unpleasant picture in our head of a butchered Victorian. We're going to be showing you a piece of property and we want you to guess its latest chop. We'll provide the deets, you provide your best guess in the comments.

Built in 2009, this 4-bed, 4.5-bath 4,400 square foot contemporary abode hit the market in May with an asking price of $3,900,000. Shoot forward to present day and that price has just been chopped. What do you think the new price is? The home has got all the lasers and robots you'd expect from a property like this. Lasers like a wine-celler and robots like fancy smancy interior finishes and "extensive use of sustainable features," whatever that means. It was designed and built by a notable architecture company Group 41 Architects. The house's interiors are pure perfection (if you're into that aesthetic), and all you'd need is an black Amex and a trip to LIMN or Monument to trick out the furniture and possibly score a spread in a magazine like Dwell or California Home and Design. Oh, and can we please note the absolutely gorgeous staircase that we're seriously swooning over? And how is that thing to code, anyway? It hasn't got a railing! So, dear readers: what'll it be? $200,000 chop? $50,000 chop? $2,500 chop? Let us know in the comments!