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One Other Thing the Castro Will Get with its New Whole Foods

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So, how about that new Whole Foods in the Castro! Sure is going to be great. Curbed readers are unanimous in their support. And who wouldn't support it? The neighborhood's losing an abandoned building, and gaining a monument to glass and metal and garage doors. But you know what else the Castro's getting? A money machine for conservative Republicans. Depending on your feelings, this is either a good thing or a bad thing.

As the East Bay Express reports -- along with the rest of the miserable Internet -- the CEO of the fruity supermarket for hippies is one of those conservative-libertarians, and he's not happy about health care reform.

Actually, some of his ideas are fairly compelling, like equalizing tax benefits between employer and individual insurance. And an editorial in the Wall Street Journal isn't the same and screaming your head off at a town hall. But still! It'll be hard not to think about, when you see the bulldozers knocking over the old car dealership -- or when the foundation's poured and the scaffolding's going up -- or when you buy a nectarine for twice what it would cost at the Safeway across the street.

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