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Take a Glimpse at Decay

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Hey, have you ever seen a run-down building? Some people actually live in them! And Adobe Books has had one inside of it for the last month. It's an art exhibition called "Sustained Decay", and it sustains "the tension between progress and decay ... evoking an understanding of the time and history ..." and so forth.

SF MOMA just wrote a gushing review, saying "'Decay' is a realization of my hopes and more." So, that sounds nice. And it sure looks pretty, in a "we can use this for our production of Oliver!" sort of way. But time is running out! The decay goes away this weekend.

· Sustained Decay [Adobe Books Backroom Gallery]
· A Requiem, a Dream (Part One) [SF MOMA]
· Sustained Decay - Andy Vogt & Joshua Churchill [Taide Design]