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PriceChopper: Tenderloin Shack Takes a Chop

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Then: $618,750
Now: $587,815
You Save: $30,935
Last month one of the four single-family homes in the Tenderloin hit the market with an asking price of $618,750. The house is a 2-bed, 1-bath, 1,635 square foot shack that falls under the dreaded "historic" rule so you can't do jack to it, hence its sad looking state. Anyway, as most commenters noted, this property was far too expensive for what it is, which is basically just a pile of sadness and despair. Shoot forward to today and it's been pricechopped down to $587,815, a $30,935 chop. For what its worth, the kitchen has been remodeled with granite countertops and Maple cabinets, and there's brand new and "beautiful" laminate flooring throughout. You can't tell from the photo, but there is a decent fence (with spikes!) that you can see from this google maps street view. With all that said, this house is still way, way, way overpriced.
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